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About Us

India’s industrial transformation begun way back in 1970’s and since then we are growing towards becoming a powerful and independent nation. Indian Industry is mainly comprised of Small & Medium Enterprise which consists of manufacturing, services & It related industries.

Big Industries are dependent on SMEs for various supplies. Despite this the SMEs are always suffering from various issues but mainly resources mobilisation i.e financial assistance from Banks/FIs. Due to this financial issues these are always stressed in their routine activities and other issues related with government regulations make the task more difficult. Presently the market conditions are very tough and global economic slowdown is going on making the business further difficult for SMEs.

Recently Indian Government has introduced the digitalisation concept to take our Industries ahead in becoming competent with global players. It has created the IT awareness and its important for the growth of the business and keeping the business at par with global peers.

The digitalisation is creating wonders and pushing ecom/IT based services ahead in becoming one of the vital services in the growth of the business and related awareness. The automation in banking and financial sector has made its operations easy and more realistic.

Keeping all the above facts in view ,we thought this is the high time to launch a Ecom portal providing Corporate Finance Services and creating related awareness so as make the resources mobilisation, working capital management, taxation and financial account issues easier for SMEs. At the same time we also aim to assist SMEs in business generation, advertising their products effectively through our portal via direct communication through live chat and cross selling of their products.

The third and most important service we intend to offer is scouting of venture capital, private equity and HNIs funding for exploring private funding for the growth of the SMEs business. Indian SMEs are finding it very difficult to access the VCs, PEs and HNIs for raising the funds. In this segment we also intend to assist SMEs in Investment Banking services like assistance in M&A, Resources raising through Banks/FIs, Project Planning & Implementation, Accounting & Taxation, Credit Control, Working Capital Management and setting up the MIS system to make their operation more effective.